Certainly, present crime statistics are frighteningly high, but you do not need to walk around in fear, provided that the necessary care is taken to behave in a commonsensical manner, thereby not becoming an easy target for criminals.

Take care of yourself by just staying aware of your surroundings, and just take a second or two to think about what you are doing.

  • Walk in well-lit busy streets and in a group, if possible.
  • When out walking anywhere, avoid wearing flashy, expensive watches and jewelry and carrying large amounts of cash. Carry your camera unobtrusively in a bag, rather than slung over your shoulder.
  • Walk purposefully as if you know where you are going and are not a “lost tourist.” Hold your bag close to your body and beware of pickpockets and other confidence tricksters on the streets and in crowded stores.
  • Be aware of ATM theft—never be distracted by a stranger asking for assistance at an ATM.
  • Always let someone know where you are going and how long you will be gone. But think twice before advertising your impending absence on social media. Criminals also have access to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Know all emergency numbers.
  • Trust your instinct.
  • Avoid going onto a congested street where you cannot even walk properly, that is where you will find criminals pick pocketing.
  • Avoid displaying valuables where criminals can see them.
  • Be Alert!


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