CPF and SAPS feel that car theft is high risk in the Melville area. The community should be involved in plans to fight crime.

After an armed robbery in Melville on 11 January was widely publicised in the media, residents commented that crime in Melville, although not out of control, was exacerbated due to the proximity of the Melville Koppies Nature Reserve. On 11 January, a mother and father were robbed while they were speaking to their son who lives in Paris, France, on Skype. The two suspects reportedly made their get-away quickly through the reserve, despite a fast response by authorities.

Danyle Nunes, head of the Melville Sector Crime Forum, said that crime in this area is stable, but Melville Koppies West is a problem. Melville Koppies East and Central are not that bad in terms of crime, but with regard to Mellville Koppies West “you do not want to walk there by yourself”, said Nunes.

Furthermore, Nunes added that Melville has no serious contact crime, but the main problem in this area is actually theft of vehicles. Community members apparently neglect security between open spaces and their homes. “Park your car inside or install a tracking unit. Try not to buy car models that you know will get stolen easily. Be aware of your surroundings.” He said that the robbery of 11 January received a lot of attention and even though it was serious, it has not affected the area as much. According to him the community still has an attitude of “it cannot happen to me”. He further explained that the community has to control this by getting involved with security forums and schemes such as the Melville Security Initiative or CSS Tactical Plan or the CPF.

“We have a good bond with the Brixton SAPS. Melville Koppies Central walks on Sundays are escorted by SAPS reservists,” said Nunes. According to Jeanette Backhoff, liaison officer of the Brixton SAPS, thefts of motor vehicles are a big problem in Melville. Backhoff explained that residents should not park their cars in the street or park where there is not enough light. She further said that theft out of motor vehicles is also a problem. “The focus areas are from 4am and 12pm as well as 4pm until 8pm on Wednesdays, Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.” She said that residents should make sure that car windows and doors are locked and to not leave any valuables visible in the vehicle.



The Melville Koppies Nature Reserve could be a factor in high crime volumes in Melville.



Original Article from the NorthCliff Melville Times


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