What is the Sector Crime Forum?

The Sector Crime Forum is a partnership between the Melville Community and the South African Police Service to solve safety problems.  The Sector Crime Forums reports to the Community Police Forum, where monthly meetings are setup in order to discuss matters relating to the Melville Sector with the Brixton SAPS’ Station Commander, Detectives & Crime Intelligence Units.

What are the functions of the Sector Crime Forum?

  • Communication between community (residents & businesses) and SAPS
  • Raise concerns around lack of service delivery by SAPS
  • Hold SAPS accountable for unjustifiable actions
  • Provide feedback to the community around crime tends

What is the role of the community?

  • Attend & participate in the monthly Sector Crime Forum meetings
  • Know your neighbours, your block and the street that you stay on so that suspicious behaviour stands out.
  • Participate in neighborhood initiatives (such as WhatsApp groups, Community Patrols) to safeguard the area in which you live, work and play
  • To take ownership of community policing and support the SAPS in the enforcement of the law
  • Report all crimes (big or small), even suspicious behaviour so that the community can be aware of it and guard themselves against similar  crime

Our Area & Boundaries

Melville Sector Crime Forum Committee

danyleDanny Nunes

With a passion for crime fighting, a career in emergency medicine, Danny Nunes decided to tackle crime head-on in Melville, rather than sitting at home  complaining about the problems.

A resident for 27 years he is looking forward to the day where he can raise his kids in a safe community and live his life to the fullest.

Danny is currently the chairman of the Melville Sector Crime Forum.



WO SmalWarrant Officer Smal

Warrant Officer Smal is the Sector Manager for Sector 1 which includes Melville, Auckland Park, Richmond and Braamfontein Werf. W/O Smal attends the monthly Sector Crime Forum meetings to feedback to the community on relevant matters to Sector 1.


According to the W/O one should keep in mind that Police Patrols & arresting criminals makes up a very small percentage of crime prevention.


" The majority of the crimes that we deal with on a daily basis are preventable crimes, crimes that could have been prevents by programs such crime awareness which teach people not to create opportunities for criminals; in short crime prevention through environmental design."


W/O Smal believes that keeping an environment clean, will help eradicate crime. Grime attracts Crime.

"You do not need to become Rambo to Fight Crime."


W/O Small recommends reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How little things can make a big difference in order to get a better understanding as to how residents can help making a difference, and looking forward to working with the Sector 1 Community, whether resident or business.


Should you wish to contact the Melville Sector Crime forum, you can send us an email at mscf@nullilovemelville.co.za