Drug trade persists in Melville

MELVILLE – Police, security companies and community sector crime units are working to stop the scourge of drugs in Melville.



  Water is the most basic and essential requirement for life. A lack of water has disastrous effects for all life: people, animals and crops resulting in a complete breakdown in society. Due to the current El Nino weather phenomenon our country, the Republic of South Africa is going through a major drought. Currently it is estimated that more than 2.7 Million households have been affected. As a result, the […]


MSCF Vice Chair Position

The Sector Crime Forum is currently looking for a community member willing to fill the role of MSCF Vice Chair. The position will suit a person who lives within the Melville, Ricmond & Auckland Park area and enjoy interacting with the community.  It is important to note that this person will also serve on the local community policing forum and required to attend monthly meetings (1st Tuesday, 2nd Wednesday of […]


MRA's Operation Come Together

The Melville Residents’ Association, JMPD, DPU (Displaced Persons Unit ) and Ward Councillor (Amanda Forsythe) are working on a solution to address the significant number of vagrants in Melville. They are looking for concerned residents who are keen to assist and ideally (but not necessarily) have skills (psychologists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers etc.) to assist them with this task. The Displaced Persons Unit are planning a workshop in Melville […]


National Police Day 2016

On National Police Day the South African Police Service (SAPS) remembers the sacrifices that our men and women in blue have made and continue to make as they provide safety for all who live in South Africa. Cabinet approved 27 January as National Police Day in 2005. “We salute the police men and women of our country today‚ their special day. Our police officers work tirelessly‚ at times facing great […]


Tips from Brixton SAPS, motor vehicle related crimes

Brixton SAPS say theft of motor vehicle, theft out of motor vehicle and residential burglary are the most prevalent crimes in their precinct. They have highlighted crime spots and trends in their area, they have also provided tips on how to minimise and prevent crimes.   Theft of Motor Vehicle Problematic areas Melville, Braamfontein Werd, Crosby, Brixton & Mayfair West Focus times Throughout the day, especially 20:00 until 00:00, 04:00 […]


Melville's Crime Woes

CPF and SAPS feel that car theft is high risk in the Melville area. The community should be involved in plans to fight crime. After an armed robbery in Melville on 11 January was widely publicised in the media, residents commented that crime in Melville, although not out of control, was exacerbated due to the proximity of the Melville Koppies Nature Reserve. On 11 January, a mother and father were […]


Interview with MSCF Chair

We are very honoured to have had Suzanne Brenner, owner of Prowrite Writing Services cc. interview SCF Chairman, Danyle Nunes. ” Meet Danyle Nunes, the new intern of ER24. With his long-held ambition to work as a paramedic edging closer to fruition, Danyle briefly allows himself to think ahead, something he rarely does. More comfortable in the present, Danyle is better known as the chairman of the SCF (the Sector Crime Forum) and […]


Application for Restaurant Liquor Application: Shisa Namya

We have been notified by the Melville Residents’ Association of a new liquor application by Shisa Namya on Main Road.  They are applying for a restaurant licence even though they are already allowing their patrons to being their own drinks. Fore more information about this application: Shisa Namya, Melville You are also welcome to contact the MRA via email at mra@nullilovemelville.co.za should you require more information. Help save Main road!


Stones, Melville

Gauteng Liquor Board Hearing: Stones Melville Please take notice of this amended summons to Stones, Melville on the 18th and 19th of November 2015 at 08:30 Issue: To answer allegations that Stones-Melville is contravening the provisions of the Liquor Act and the Regulations in that the premises are operated until 04:00 instead of 02:00 The premises are operated as a Night Club in clear contravention of the type of license […]