MSI Cameras: Footage Retrieval Process

Process for retrieving footage from the Melville Security Initiative’s Camera Feed MSI Cameras: Footage Retrieval Process  


It's the season.... Holiday Safety Tips #1

Dear Melville residents, We have reached that time of the year were crime spikes.  The SAPS together with the various security companies will do their best to combat crime but ⚠ If you store your bicycle in your garage please chain them down. ⚠ If possible, remove the seat so that it makes it so much more difficult for thieves to ride off with them ⚠ Tag your bicycle with […]


CSS Tactical: Information leads to arrest of suspects

The CSS investigations team working together with informers assisted SAPS with the arrest of two suspects last week. These suspects were identified as being involved in multiple house break-ins in CSS areas. CCTV footage was instrumental in identifying the suspects, their modus operandi and the vehicle they were using. The CSS investigations team used this information to identify and track the suspects through the use of CSS informants. CSS then […]


JPSA urges, do not take instructions from car guards

Please don’t take instructions from “car guards” on public roads Justice Project South Africa urges. JOHANNESBURG – Following an impassioned plea for assistance from young family whose motor car was towed and impounded by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department on National Woman’s Day after they were directed to illegally park their car, Justice Project South Africa feels that it is necessary to again warn motorists that they should avoid taking […]


AA urge women drivers to be safe

Automobile Association (AA) South Africa has issued safety tips for women to use while they drive. These tips were put together to ensure that women feel safe when they get behind the wheel, but more so now as it is Women’s Month. Here are tips to consider when driving alone or with children:  Firstly, always adhere to the rules of the road and buckle up. This includes putting children in […]


2016 Municipal Elections: Safety Notice

The Sector Crime Forum urge all owners of high risk vehicles (VW Polo, Toyota Yaris/Ateos, Double Cabs) to consider taking a walk or making use of e-TukTuk  (the official e-TukTuk) to and from the Voting Stations on Wednesday.  It is common for theft of- and out of these vehicles to occur while residents are queuing to vote. Patrols by CSS, SAPS & MSCF Community Patrols will be active and visable […]


Testing your Home Alarm Regularly

  Test your alarm regularly. Testing should be done outside of peak hours (between 8am and 4pm or after 8pm) and if a fault is discovered, it should be immediately reported to the security service provider’s technical team


South African criminal reveals how they steal your bank card at an ATM

An experienced card thief reveals the tricks they use to steal your bank card at an ATM.   ATMs make it possible for consumers to draw cash and transact 24 hours a day. However, they come with risks. Criminals have devised various scams to steal money from ATM users, including card skimming, shoulder surfing, card swapping, and trapping cards. The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) warned that millions of […]


How to Prepare for the Arrival of Paramedics

Some tips by ER24 on how to prepare for the Arrival of Paramedics.


How ATM card skimmers work

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) recently warned that card fraud is still a big problem in South Africa, with card skimming contributing to the problem. Criminals use sophisticated technologies and well-hidden devices to catch unsuspecting victims at ATMs. To date, not much information was available about how these skimmers are installed and worked – but new videos published by Krebs on Security shows how they function. Krebs […]