Testing your Home Alarm Regularly

  Test your alarm regularly. Testing should be done outside of peak hours (between 8am and 4pm or after 8pm) and if a fault is discovered, it should be immediately reported to the security service provider’s technical team


How to make your house more secure

  Yale Security and ADT have provided guidance on how to make your home more secure. June was National Home Security Month, a new initiative aimed at educating South Africans on matters relating to security in and around the home. “National Home Security Month (NHSM) will meet that need by providing South Africans with impartial, independent information and advice and guidance on home security and safety,” said the initiative’s spokesperson Hayley […]


The best defense against house robberies in South-Africa

Professor Rudolph Zinn and Brigadier Piet Byleveld shed light on how criminals plan and execute a house robbery, and what can be done to prevent this happening to you. The best way to prevent a house robbery in South Africa includes keeping small dogs inside your house, electric fences, alarms and security sensors, and employing an armed response service. This is according to research by professor Rudolph Zinn from UNISA’s […]


Home Safety

With the release of the latest crime statistics in South Africa, it has never been more important to take ownership and secure your home as it is simply not enough to expect SAPS or your local security company to keep you safe. General: Make sure that your chosen security provider is a registered member of the South African Intruder Detection Service Associations (SAIDSA) as this is a guarantee that any […]